Smoked salmon platter 8,40€

Iberian ham platter with manchego chesse 11,40€

Platter of five chesses with quince jam and walnuts 12,50€

Cod carpaccio with fresh tomato puree 10,60€

Beef carpaccio with parmesan, pinenuts and balsamic 10,90€

Carpaccio of prawns with orange infused olive oil 11,50€

Melon and ham 7,80€

Andalucian gazpacho 6,30€


Steamed mussels 8,90€

Clams in champagne sauce 12,45€

Grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley oil 9,80€

Fried squid rings 9,50€

Fried chopitos 8,80€

Garlic Prawns 10,80€

Fried boquerones 8,50€

Fresh grilled sardines 7,90€

Fried baby broad beans with garlic, spanish ham and rosemary 9,40€

Marinated chicken wings 10,50€

Chargrilled octopus with creamed potatoes 12,00€


El Chamizo tomato salad 9,90€

Tomato and mozzarella salad 8,80€

Valencian salad 7,50€

El Chamizo salad 10,20€

Fresh spinach salad with bacon, pinenuts, blue chesse and honey vinagrette 10,95€

Smoked salmon and langostine salad 10,60€

Chargrilled vegetables 10,50€


(price per person)

(Minimum 2 persons)

Valencian paella 11,40€

Mixed seafood and meat 11,90€

Mixed seafood 11,50€

Chopped mixed seafood 11,30€

Tinted rice and chopped seafood 11,40€

Noodle style paella 11,45€

Mixed vegetable rice 11,10€


Tuna fillet with garlic and parsley oil 17,50€

Grilled seabass 15,40€

Monkfish cooked in a champagne and clam sauce 17,00€

Grilled gilthead 14,60€

Grilled sole 16,00€

Grilled swordfish with garlic and parsley oil 15,00€

Grilled hake with a black olive, sundried tomato and parmesan sauce 15,90€

Grilled salmon fillet with herb mayonaise 15,80€


Entrecote steak 17,80€

Fillet steak 19,90€

Marinated pork ribs 15,50€

Seared duck breast with a honey sauce 17,10€

Lamb cutlets with rosemary 15,00€

Grilled chicken breast with thyme 9,60€

Chicken breast with a mushrooms and cognac sauce 13,00€

El Chamizo Hamburger 8,00€

Embutidos 14,50€

Mixed spanish sausages
Pepper, mushrooms with cognac or roquefort – 1€
Barbeque sauce and sour cream sauce with herbs – 1€


Chicken nuggets with chips 6,80€

Fish nuggets with chips 6,80€

Pasta with tomato sauce and grated chesse 6,00€


Vanilla ice-cream 5,30€

Strawberry ice-cream 5,30€

Chocolate ice-cream 5,30€

Lemon sorbet with vodka or cava 5,30€

Raspberry sorbet with vodka or cava 5,30€

Lemon sorbet 4,30€

Raspberry sorbet 4,30€

Vanilla ice-cream with nuts and caramel 5,80€


Cream caramel 3,80€

Cold homemade spanish custard with nutmeg 3,80€

Coffee cream caramel 3,80€

Roasted apple with vanilla ice-cream 4,80€

Tiramisu 4,80€

Strawberry fool 4,80€

Platter of five cheeses 12,30€

Postre El Chamizo-pancake with roasted apple,ice-cream and toffee 6,30€

Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce 5,30€